Monday, 23 July 2012

Liberate your Art....

Been a little busy here...My Boys have broke up from school/college and Uni for their summer holidays ...and the sun has finally made an appearance!! (WAHOO!)
....I have been blog-hopping ....But,  I will apologise now if I've not managed to leave a comment on some of my favourite blogs just lately! ...finding it hard to fit it all in at the mo!!...but will try my hardest to get round to you all at some point!!
One of the projects I've recently taken part in....
 is Kat's
postcard swap. 

 The swap involves sending 5 postcards with prints of your art work to Kat , then Kat sorts through the bundles of postcards that she receives and posts 5 random postcards back to you together with one of her own lovely art cards. 
You can choose to write a little message or a quote (I chose the latter) on the back of each of the postcards.
So I decided to get some postcard prints made of some of my journal these are what I have sent off to kat...

Can't wait too see what lovelies I get in return now!

Thanks for peeking!
Jan x


  1. Wonderful faces! I love your work.Denise

  2. Wow, those postcards are beautiful! I sure would love to receive one like that!

  3. Pretty girl faces, Jan! So beautifully created.

  4. I have to say those faces make the most beautiful post cards. I played along also.. Cant wait to see what postcards I get.


  5. Fabulous postcards , wish I could draw like this . Where is the time going, my son as just finished school, cannot believe he is sixteen. Tracy x

  6. Hi Jan, fabulous postcards, wish I could draw like this. Where does the time go, school holidays again, cannot believe my son has now finished school. I feel old lol . Tracy x

  7. Beautiful postcards, what a treat it must be for one of them to plop through the letter box!

    Looking forward to seeing what you get back - you will show us, won't you?


  8. Love your bright and sweet ladies Jan, the recipients will LOVE,them too-

  9. Your postcards are fabulous dear Jan...lucky swappers!

    Life can easily get in the way...time moves so fast



  10. ...beautiful art work Jan, you are so clever, your work is stunning, truely...and the idea of the postcard swap is so cool, who ever recieves yours will be getting a real treat...I look forward to seeing what you get in return...Mel :)

  11. These girls are stunning as postcards. I am really drawn to the ones that are blown up the most so it is only face on the card.

  12. These girls are stunning as postcards. I am really drawn to the ones that are blown up the most so it is only face on the card.

  13. Hi Smiff, WOW your PC girls are gorgeous. Whoever gets these will love them.
    I know all about trying to catch up on blogs, not to worry. Thanks for visiting me. Summer is going to fast. Wish we could get some of your rain you had....I could send some heat and sunshine and the humidity. Our laws are crispy right now. Not good.
    Take care girlfriend and we need to do a swap of some sort, soon.
    Les ♥


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