Monday, 30 July 2012

Prayer Flags

I've been seeing prayer flags throughout blogland...
So when I see that Lenna
(who hosts some fabulous and different swaps)
was having a trade
I decided to make my very first ones....
made from assorted fabrics...
seam binding...
metal embellies...
pom pom trim...
...and here they all are hanging on my garden shed...

The swap was a trade for 3 prayer flags, I made an extra one for the lovely hostess.
I really enjoyed making these...might just have to make some more now...
 Anyone else fancy a prayer flag 1 for 1 swap?
Oh ...and just had to include a photo of my Barney Boy...
wanting to play while I was taking pics!!!
Can't wait to see what lovely prayer flags I get from the swap now .
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x


  1. Love your prayer flags Jan, so lovely, love the beautiful flowers you made on some of them- Love them hanging on your sweet shed.

  2. oh jan i have been meaning to make some too, yours are just all those fabric flowers...yes me love too :)

  3. What a lovely swap to be in. The prayer flags you made turned out beautifully, whoever gets them in the swap will be thrilled with them. I'd love to do a one for one ( or two for two, or three for three, tehehehe ) prayer flag with you, but I am so restricted with my craft supplies here in France, it would have to wait until I get back to the UK. Hmm. Oh, do talk me into making the most of what I have got here in France, lol.

  4. Oh Jan... they are gorgeous... and seriously... how sweet is your shed... they look so beautiful hanging there... and Barney really is just too cute...

    Jenny x

  5. ...Jan these are just so beautiful, you are so clever, I loVe your stitchery it's so so pretty and Barney Boy is adorable I may have to dognap him!!...Mel :)

  6. I have seen them around also. They are so cool. Yours are just gorgeous... And I just love the photo of Barney. He is so cute...


  7. Jan I am participating in Lenna's swap and having so much fun making these - every one I have seen so far has been different but wonderful. Love yours! J

  8. These are so beautiful - I love different flowers on each one - all so stunning and different. And I also just love your shed - it's so pretty the way you've painted it! Oh, and Barney is just so cute - I think that's about everything...!

  9. Fantastic prayer flags! The people you are trading with will be thrilled to get one! One very cute tennis ball fetcher you have there!!

  10. Jan, I just received your lovely prayer flags -they are so wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for making an extra one for me! I am going to copy your individual photos if you don't mind, to add to my creative swaps blog... that will make it so easy for me to share them, since we are leaving tomorrow for holiday :)) I really appreciate you participating all the way from the UK -thank you! Great blog post, I will share that too. : )))

  11. Love your prayer flags, and your doggy is beautiful! Valerie

  12. Love all the doilies and bits you included in these! Perhaps I'll receive one of yours. Barney is a handsome one!

  13. Your flags are lovely! I'd love to swap a flag with you. You can see some of mine at

  14. Jan these are beautiful, what a great idea! I shall have to make some when I have a bit more time! Is your shed where you create? I t looks fab! xx

  15. Lovely prayer flags Jan, makes a nice change from bunting too :-) & I see Barney is as ball-mad as my bailey!!!

  16. What a wonderful swap! Jan, you are soooo talented on soooo many levels! I can only imagine the work that went into your flags. And what an adorable companion while hanging your flags!

  17. How lovely Jan!!! What a fun swap to participate in

    Our Queen Bee group is doing a bunting swap...I was so excited mine are already finished...but it's really meant for around the end of the year :)

    The details in your flags are beautiful!
    p.s. Barney Boy sure is a cutie!

  18. Hi Jan :)
    love your prayer flags, is there a significance to these? I have seen them also around blogland. If I weren't busy painting and doing fall show items I would love to try one and trade. Maybe another time would be best. I love all your details and little bits. The one with the bird is my fav but then again I love those shabby flowers. They are all lovely. Please post the ones you get in return. Nothing like eye candy to get the creative juices flowing.
    Give Barney a pet for me. What a sweetie.

  19. Hi Jan,
    These are Gorgeous... I have never made a prayer flag before.. I would love to in the near future Swap... as these look amazing..I would not know where to start so will spend sometime playing around first... I would love to see the ones you receive in return..

    Wee Barney is Lovely.. bless him!!
    Hugs May x x x

  20. These are absolutely lovely, Jan. What a fun swap!

  21. Beautiful flags, especially love your red heart one but they're all super pretty! Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

  22. Your prayer flags are STUNNING, Jan. I love them all - great textures, fabrics and sentiments. I do hope I get one of yours, fingers crossed!

    I've just started making mine but they should be with Lenna in time.


  23. Hi Jan,
    I'm coming over from Linda's (My Happy Place). I love your prayer flags, they are so full of beauty. They look great over your garden shed!

  24. Beautiful little flagss , I like these, I can just see them adorning the door window pains on my little studio :)


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