Friday, 27 July 2012

Share your art....Send a postcard

I have just recently printed some of my artwork onto these postcards with MOO.COM ...
and I am really pleased with the results.... also print Business cards, Postcards, Mini cards, Greeting cards and much more...
(They ship worldwide)
and I thought you might really like their products too.

 If you fancy making something, you can get 10% off your first order. Simply click on the voucher link below to get started

.What's in it for me? Well, if you use my link...I'll get credit in my MOO account - so we'll both win!

Thanks for peeking!
Jan x


  1. Hi Jan, Yes I have heard of the MOO COM ,here in Denmark,too
    I even believe they had a period where you could order 500 visit cards from free.... I have not tryed it off :-)
    Thanks for the reminder- your cards looks wonderful.

  2. oh jan how wonderful do they have great offers too, you could get some cards made too :)

  3. Oh Jan... your stunning artwork looks so gorgeous on a postcard... such a fun thing to do...

    Jenny x

  4. Hi Jan, wow your PC's look beautiful.
    Did you send them a scan and they sent the cards to you. Yes Vistaprint as Jenxo mentioned, is big here and US. I wonder if they do postcards as well. Hmmmm might have to think about this.
    Lovely work, Les
    PS did you go to the opening ceremonies tonight. We watched them on the telly and WOW, I love how Rowan Atkinson played the one note, the Queen jumping out of the helicopter, it was all well done with British humor as well. I hope the games go well.

  5. They look great!!! I keep hearing about Moo and how pleased people are with using them. I think I need some too. I just love how you can use all different kinds of images. :)

  6. Love the cards Jan- must remember about Moo when I decide to go to print :-)

  7. Hi Jan!
    Today I received one of your wonderful cards through Kat's swap. Thank you so much, I love it, love it, love it! The swap is so exciting and I hope you are having just as much fun as I have... can't wait to see what else I'll find in my mailbox in the next few weeks :)

    I posted about your card on my blog "The Public Postcard", this link will take you right to it:
    (I hope it work, otherwise you can just copy and paste it into your browser's address bar ;) )

    Oh, and the quote you wrote on the back is so true! Again, thank you for participating in the swap because otherwise I'd never known about your beautiful artwork and lovely blog!

    Have a great day!
    Sarah. <3


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