Friday, 24 August 2012

A little swiss goodness....

I've been meaning to  post some pics
of the lovley swiss package
 that I received from the lovely Margaret from Alice and Camilla
The talented Margaret and I
decided to do a little swap....
A little bit of British traded for a little bit of Swiss Goodness!!
(You can see the little bit of British I sent HERE in a previous blog post
 ...and these are the beauties I received in return.
Soooooo many open...and ooooh and arhhhhh over !!!
 I LOVED it all...
Margaret sent me sooooo many wonderful treasures to play with.... buttons, napkins, postcards, beautiful
vintage papers and emphera!!...cookie cutter, lantern, bell, flamingo,
 pipe, photo, choccy and candy!!
Margaret always sends the best goodies!!
...and we agreed to alter a little bag for each other
....How sweet is my little altered Heidi bag...
with all the stitching and beads!!
Thanks again M for a fantastic swap!!
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x


  1. Lucky YOU! Look at all of that fun stuff. :) Have fun with your goodies. :)

  2. Oh Smiff, what a fun swap. I love swapping with other girls from lands far off. You got some lovely things. What are those little blue boxes with pictures on them? are they matchboxes. I noticed them right off. How sweet that little bag is.
    Enjoy dear friend.

    1. Hi Les...the little blue boxes are choccies :) They disapeared as soon as the pic was taken!! ;)

  3. Oh My Goodness Jan, you will have such FUN with all that Swiss goodness!! You and Margaret are really well matched swapping buddies. The little Heidi bag is SO CUTE!!!!!


  4. Oh Jan... what a delicious treasure trove... beautiful goodies... that you both received and sent... and just adore both of your altered bags... what an amazing swap...

    Jenny x

  5. All I can say Jan is....where is the Swiss Chocolate (LOL) - great swap J

  6. Aw you are sweet Jan, I must blog my goodies from you (forgot to take pics of my stuff so I feel a wee link coming on!!)
    I've used so many of the goodies you sent me, here there and everywhere, I just love the whole red white and blue thing!
    BTW we don't have pink flamingos but I HAD to include one, I ordered them from The States with a Flamingo stamp, even tho I have no idea where I'm going with it all!
    Thank you again for being such a great swap buddy! Mx


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