Thursday, 13 September 2012

Liberate your Art - postcard swap

one of my journal girls
One of the projects I've recently taken part in....
is Kat's
postcard swap.
 The swap involves sending 5 postcards with prints of your art work to Kat , then Kat sorts through the bundles of postcards that she receives and posts 5 random postcards back to you together with one of her own lovely art cards. 
With 193 particpants Kat did an awesome job!

This is the first time I have liberated my artwork into the was slightly nervous!!!
 I decided to get some postcard prints made of some of my journal these are what I sent off to Kat...
I know that one of my cards landed in San Diego, CA. and another one flew to Germany.....Mmmm just wondering where the others ended up???
Did you get one?!! ;)
....and these are the beauties I received in return....
 Julie Phillips - No blog link
 Kat (swap hostess) -

 Marilyn -

Valerie -

It was fabulous swap!
Fun waiting for postcards to drop through the letterbox :)
Thanks so much to Kat for the incredible job you did in organizing this exchange.
...and to all the lovely participants, it's been fun following and seeing all the wonderful variety of postcards being posted on FACEBOOK.
I'm so glad I participated, and looking forward to taking part again next year.

Thanks for peeking!
Jan x


  1. I got one of yours. I LOVE it. I actually love your other 5 so much too. Fun swapping!!!

  2. ~The chicken looks very proud to be assisting with the display!! I do love your cards. I'll swap with you...

  3. wow - what you sent was gorgeous! and you got great art back!
    cheers, dana

  4. Your art SO deserves to be 'out there' Jan ! xx

  5. How much fun this has been! I love getting to know so many different people and seeing so much ART!

  6. Thanks again for your wonderful card Jan - I love it! I just noticed that we both received a card from Kate. It's so cute, isn't it?!
    I can't wait for next year's swap either :) It's been a blast!

  7. So awesome to have your journal girls launched out into the world. You received a lovely bunch of cards. Keep putting your art out there.

  8. The faces on your cards are super wonderful...and those that you received are awesome too!

  9. WOW Jan... what an amazing swap... LOVE your gorgeous postcards.... your girls are so so lovely... and fab bunch that you received back... what a great idea...

    Jenny x

  10. your journal girls were wonderful... I bet people loved getting them... they look amazing bunched like that don't they... a riot of colour... I just joined as a follower too... thought I had done it when we did SOC but must have been having an airhead moment... nothing unusual I know...xx

  11. Pleased to meet you; the swap was such fun. Your postcards are lovely...both given and received. See you next year, I hope.

  12. Wow your journal girls are so cool. I love them. Great postcards you recieved too hmm haven't found one yet I didn't like

  13. Your postcards look amazing. I just love them. I played along as well. It was lots of fun.. We will be on the road next year so I won't get to play along. :(


  14. What a superb idea for a swap, I love your work and the ones you got in return. Great set of links to the other players, what a talented bunch you are Mx

  15. They're all wonderful - and look, you got one of Valerie's! I hope you get to hear where all your beautiful girls ended up. When I did the various swaps organised by Art House Co-op I never heard from any of my recipients :(


  16. The girls you sent out were all gorgeous. Glad my card with the old cart got to you safely. I am so cross with the people who are just letting it rot, and I feel sad every time I pass it by on our street! Valerie

  17. I'm so glad to see you received one of my cards. What a lovely way to feature each card! And I hope you are following your dreams.

  18. Wow Jan, your girls look beautiful as postcards. Still want to do this but not right now.....maybe in the New Year.
    Love the cards you got in return....such amazing art to share out there isn't there?
    TTFN, Les♥

  19. Love your cards and all you recieved.

  20. The cards you sent are wonderful and I love what you received as well. It's been great fun.

  21. what a fabulous swap dear Jan
    everyone must have been so pleased to receive your lovely painted girls/ladies...each one is so special
    you received some really special cards as well!


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