Thursday, 27 September 2012

Some more Prayer Flags....

I recently participated in Lenna Young Andrews' Fabby Prayer Flag swap
 on her Creative Swaps blog.
 It was a 3 for 3 trade.
I was so happy and excited when my 3 flags arrived in the post.... 
Here they all are hanging on my garden shed
(in between heavy rain downpours here in the UK!!)
...although at the time this pic was taken there was a nice gentle breeze to spread the wonderful wishes and prayers out into world!!
Here is a close-up of the beautiful flags that I received...
The first beauty is from Marilou Bain
Oh...I adore the fabric, sweet vintage images lovely sentiments of 'Peace' and 'Love' and the wonderful buttons....shabbily gorgeous!!
...the second flag is from Donna-Lee Nichols
I love the ribbon flower, colours and the fabrics used and the beautiful 'harmony' sentiment which is on the reverse of the flag....absolutely wonderful!
....and last but not least is this gorgeous flag from Susan Norwood
I adore the shabby style of this prayer flag, (So Me!!)... how sweet are the little lacy pockets which have been filled with two little vintage pics, all made with adorable laces and buttons! Love it!!
If you want to see the flags that I sent out, they are in a previous blog-post here
I've added my 3 new flags to my newest addiction / collection of prayer flags now hanging in my craft-room safe from the torrential downpours!!(some I've created and some from other trades!)
(click on pics for a better view)

...a close up
 ....another closer up!
Thank you  Marilou, Donna-Lee and Susan for making me such beautiful flags! I am so happy to have them in my collection!
...and Thanks again to Lenna, for organizing this fun & creative swap!!!
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x
I hope my post has inspired you to make some flags of your own...they are so fun to create...and would make lovely personal gifts.
I'm still addicted to making if anyone out there fancies swapping a shabby style prayer flag  (1 to 1 swap) I would love to hear from you.....


  1. Dear Jan, what a wonderful post on your received flags. I love that you put them outside to catch the breeze, spreading the prayers then hung them inside in your craft room with others you have received & ones you have made yourself!! very cool. I know what you mean by being addictive. We are moving soon and most of my efforts will be there, but I would trde 1-1. You so nicely gave me one as part of the swap ("laughter") but I would enjoy trading for another of yours. I will see what I can do to make one in-between packing house and email you to let you know! thanks for adding your link, great post!

  2. Oooh Jan, aren't they all precious and beautiful! They look so lovely hanging - both on your shed and in your craft room xx

  3. Dear Jan,
    They are so beautiful and my romantic soul, LOVE the two shabby ones, so sweet- and the messages I love too,on all 3 ones -you have swapped so many wonderful flags, and the ones you created all beautiful Jan.

  4. Okay, THIS is way way way cool! (And I love the little peek of your room in the background ;) So elegant and so gorgeous!
    AND thank you for your visit - I almost missed the comment - sorry for the delay! xoxo

  5. Jan I love ALL your flags wow - they look great. What a wonderful swap we had. I'm making a prayer flag this weekend - I can do an extra if you are interested in doing a swap...Let me know Jewels.

  6. Oh Jan they are wonderful. I love the one with the little pockest, so simple and elegant at the same time. I so want to make these but maybe in the New Year, perhaps a trade if you are still interested then.
    TTFN and I am having a Giveaway!!!!

  7. What BEAUTIFUL creations!! Such an amazing form of artistic expression and sentiment ~ sooo lovely, dear Jan! Thank you for continuing to share these with us.

  8. Wow these are lovely Jan, I've never came across these before or indeed read anything about people swapping them, Iguess I have been a bit out of touch with my blog reading of late, I would love to do a 1 to 1 swap with you but I will have to do a bit more research into them first, I wouldn't want to show myself up, that's if you would be up for a swap? :) I would also love to see more pictures of your craft room, do you work in the summerhouse like me (its too pretty to be called a shed!) lol

  9. These are gorgeous my friend. I would love to do a swap with you.


  10. Ooh, you are building up quite a collection! They look wonderful all displayed together in your studio.

  11. These are fantastic, Jan! Love them all.

  12. Hi Jan - wasn't Lenna's swap fun? I really enjoyed making the flags, too, so if you want to do yet another 1/1 swap, let me know. (I see lots of takers in the comments, so maybe you've used up all your flag making mojo by now lol)

    Love the shot of them hanging across your craft room. I'm going to do that also cause we're going into the rainy season here (N California) and I don't want mine ruined.

  13. Such beautiful flags, how lovely they all look! This was such a fun swap (and now we're going to have one of our own, weeeeeeeeeee!!).


  14. Oh lovely! I totally enjoyed this swap too and I am going to continue to make them.
    I went to your post of your flags and saw them, they are gorgeous!


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