Thursday, 18 October 2012

More Prayer Flags......

Oh my poor neglected Blog...
I'm still here!!
...just been Busy Busy Busy!!
But in between all the busy-ness!!....I've been having some fun with fabric! .... and I thought I would take some time to share some lovely Prayer Flag trades that I have been taking part in.....
You might want to Grab yourself a cuppa
....lots of pics to follow!!
After the wonderful Prayer flag swap I took part in at Lenna's Creative Swaps Blog....I was looking to swap some more prayer flags to add to my collection....I got some lovely offers to trade....
and Jewels was one who took me up on my offer.
So this is what I created for Jewels....
My prayer flag for Jewels
and this is the beauty I got in return....
Made by Jewels
...just LOVE LOVE LOVE all  the shabby fabrics, the stitched base is an old pillow case linen, lace, lovely sentiment and sweet image!
Now...a lady who knows how to play with fabric is Judy so when she agreed to trade...I knew it would be a fabby swap!
Judy asked me to create a flag with the sentiment of 'Abundance'
So this is what I made for Judy....
My prayer flag for Judy
She loves rich colours and the image that I printed onto fabric is the Goddess of Abundance.
...and the theme that I gave to judy was shabby and Angels...
...and WOW this is what she made for me!!
Made by Judy
So much gorgeous shabbiness, beautifully embellished...LOVE it!!
Yvonne also left a comment on my blog for a Prayer flag swap
Yvonne requested a Thankful Theme.
..and these are the results of our super trade....
My prayer flag for Yvonne
and this is the little BEAUTY that Yvonne sent to me....
Made by Yvonne
  lovely laces, buttons and stitching...sooooo SWEET!!
Big Thanks
 again to
 Jewels, Judy and Yvonne
for some wonderful fabric creations, They are a fabulous addition to my ever-growing prayer flag collection hanging/decorating  my craft-room!
These are 3 more flags that I've made for swaps....
This one is for the lovely Jenxo in Australia, she has received it now....

My prayer flag for Jenxo
Now, I'm hoping the next 2 have arrived at their destinations by now?
 Linda and Lenna
...if you want a SURPRISE
LOOK AWAY right NOW!! ....
The talented Linda and I, decided on an Angel theme...
So this is my Angel flag I stitched for Linda
My prayer flag for Linda
are you still with me?....
Last but not least...
....this is what I made for Creative Lenna
(who I blame for getting me addicted to these little fabric wonders in the first place!! - LOL)
We did a surprise theme for each other
As Lenna is moving house very soon...
I made her a 'Good Luck' in her new Home flag....
My prayer flag for Lenna
Thanks again to Jenxo, Linda and Lenna for trading flags with me...
I will share their beautiful flags with you when they arrive here in the UK...Cant wait!!!
Now.... you will most probably think I should be all flagged out by now?!....
Oh no!... there are a couple more flag trades in the works at the moment!!!....
Thanks so much for peeking!
..and for the lovely comments that you leave...I appreciate each and everyone of them :)
Off now to catch up on whats going on in Blogland...
Jan x


  1. Wow, wow and more wow!!! Wonderful Prayer Flags, Jan - love the ones you made and the ones you received. Lenna's got a lot to be happy about, getting us hooked on these little lovelies :)


  2. Pure eye candy Jan... each and every one... what an absolutely stunning collection... LOVE them!!

    Jenny ♥

  3. These are so beautiful, I've seen quite a few prayer flags floating around on blogs lately. I wish i knew how to make one so i could have some.

  4. These are so beautiful, I'm jealous of you. If i knew how to make them, I'd do a swap with you. I've seen quite a few prayer flags in the blogs i read.

  5. Gorgeous Jan - each and every one of them! I can see why you're addicted to them xx

  6. Jan, every single is gorgeous!

  7. It was a lot of fun Jan. My you have had some lovely swaps! No two are alike amd some really lovely work!

  8. Just look at all the beautiful Prayer Flags. I had to take a peek I am like a kid at Christmas. I can't wait to see it in real life.. I am almost done with yours and will have it in the mail shortly..


  9. Wonderful, what a treat to see so many beautiful prayer flags.

  10. So much amazing creativity and gorgeousness Jan!

    thanks so much for sharing all of these wonders!


  11. Dear Jan,
    so many gorgeous flags, going and coming to your home,-
    They are wonderful all- aND you must be happy to now display,the ones you recieved .

  12. aww such gorgeous things you make, very lovely and sweet

  13. These are really fabulous Jan, the given and the received, they must look fabulous up and fluttering. Your material stash is awesome, such gorgous lace! Don't work too hard will you. xx

  14. Hi Smiff, Wow what a lovely collection. I have just been stunned at all the creativity here. I can imagine all these lovely flags displayed in your craft room. A new addiction I see. I would love to trade with you but in the new year. Too much going on and now I am doing 2 craft classes at the local community library.
    Take care and enjoy all those lovely pieces of art.
    I sure miss trading.
    Les ♥

  15. Hi Smiff, not sure where my post went....sorry if this is the 2nd one. Lovely eye candy here. Such wonderful creativity. I have missed blogging and seeing what everyone is doing.
    Perhaps a trade after the New Year, I am too busy right now and also doing some instructing at the local library. Looking forward to some social time.
    Take care and enjoy your lovely goodies.
    Les ♥

  16. This is just wonderful Jan. I received mine today as I wrote you earlier and I've tucked it away for safekeeping & the move! thanks again!


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