Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy Mail.....

Dont you just LOVE
...and my postman as been bringing me lots of SMILES just lately!
I've been invoved in a few (ok....lots!!) of Prayer Flag swaps just recently..
and got some beauties in return....
(If you missed the flags that I sent can see them in a previous post here...)
Now...Take a peek at these lovelies...
I've been meaning to post this for a while...This is the sweet and shabby flag made for me by the lovely Creative Lenna
To see how she created this gorgeous flag, just click  Here
...just LOVE LOVE LOVE all the shabby fabrics, linen, doily and lovely sentiment.
Lenna also gifted me one of her grandmother's old linen pieces with cherries on it...can't wait to use this in a special shabby creation!
Thank you again Lenna! x
and this will make you gasp....
How sweet is this wonderful shabby flag
which was made by the talented Linda
We chose the theme of 'Angels'
and I just ADORE the handpainted face and all the other pretty details, fabrics, beads and sentiment!
Not only is Linda talented, she is also very generous..lookie what she gifted me....

pretty fabric, gorgeous handmade card and WOW a Somerset Studio Magazine...which are quite hard to get your hands on here in the I was over the moon to receive it!
Thanks again Linda for an awesome swap package! x
Are you ready for more!....
Take a peek a this asian wonder!!

Oh the pic, doesn't do this Jaw-dropping flag justice...
made from handprinted fabrics, beautiful image and embellished with lovely stitching, beads and sequins.
This was made by the Uber Creative Jenxo,
But not only did she make a wonderful flag,
She also made me one of her fabulous journal covers....
 ..made from shabby style fabric embellished with a vintage doily *Swoon*
handmade card, sweet pendant and printed fabrics and papers
Thank you soooooo much Jen...I LOVE it all!!! x
BIG THANKS again to
Lenna, Linda and Jen
for some wonderful fabric creations and gifts...
The flags will be a fabulous addition to my ever-growing collection decorating my craft-room.

I've got a couple more Prayer flag swaps in the pipe-line...will share those when they have been traded ;)

Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x


  1. Who is a lucky girl then! Seriously, that angel is divine - what talent there is in the crafting world :-D


  2. OH Jan, what fantastic swap pieces you recieved,-
    they are all 3 so beautiful, and everyone special on its own!
    And I lovew the wrap you recieved also, what a beauty.
    I sometimes order Stampington mags, directly from Stampington and com.... they are rather expensive, but arrive almost alwayes without problems, and the few times they did not show up, they kindly resend me another one!
    Have a lovely weekend, dear Jan.

  3. Beautiful... just beautiful Jan... what gorgeous treasures you received... and yes LOVE Jen's stunning work too...

    Have a great weekend...
    Jenny ♥

  4. gosh jan, your craft room must have beautiful array of flags, they are just gorgeous....i must post yours now im borrowing charlies laptop again.....loverly swap xxxxx

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    ps we must sort out our date soon, I've started my flag........ ;)

  6. What a gorgeous swap to be part of, I love the flags you've received, that's mega happy post in my book! and a copy of Sommerset, yet another thing to swoon over! We will see all your flags together? Mx

  7. Wow Jan!!! I'd say ecstatic mail what fabulous creations and gifts xx

  8. YEA!! So happy you received your Prayer Flag. And the other ones you received are lovely.



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