Friday, 14 December 2012

Pets Win Praises......

Hi my name is Barney
...and when I found out that were having a competition to win £250 worth of Pets at Home Vouchers....
I started slobbering at all the tasty treats that could buy me!!
Soooooo I just had to Hijack my human mummys crafty blog to enter for a chance to win!!
These are the rebarkable things that I get up to to earn my goodies, I will do almost anything for a treat...
Here I am High-fiving!
I can SIT, DOWN, DO A TWIRL, ROLL OVER and 'HIGH FIVE' on command, especially if you have a tastly nibble for me.
..and when my mummy says "I LOVE YOU" in a silly voice,
I always reply with three little barks, which makes mummy very happy, she tells everyone that I have said "I Love you" back and gives me a treat!
The boys think mummy is mad....Mmmmm, just between you and me, she is a little barking crazy, but hey, who am I to argue when I woof 3 times I get a delish treat out of it!!
I'm even partial to a little holiday fancy dress for a bone shaped biccy!!
I get loads of yummy treats when I do my agility tricks with mummy.
...and I can fetch too for a goody or two!!
But the best treats I get are cuddles with my family
 me and my dad...
I can be a mischevious little scamp too...
My pack call me the 'Sock monster'
because I'm always pinching their socks...
and eating things I shouldn't !!
But they are never mad at me....
...especially when I give them the puppy dog eyes!!!
Anyway gotta dash, time for a nap, off to dream about big juicy bones and chasing balls in the park!! 
Big Slobbery kisses!!
Barney x x


  1. So sweet Jan - what a great little character he is - hope he wins some well deserved treats x


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