Thursday, 3 January 2013

Flying the Flag.....

Wow...two posts in one day!!

I'm still having fun playing with the fabric...and sorting out my photos...I realised I had some more prayer flag swaps that I just had to share....
After the wonderful Prayer flag swap I took part in at Lenna's Creative Swaps Blog....I was looking to swap some more prayer flags to add to my collection....and I got some lovely offers to trade....
Leslie (One Womans Hands) was one who took me up on my offer.
and this is the shabby beauty that she sent to me....

Full of layers of Gorgeous vintage Lace, buttons and just look at that Heart I LOVE it!!
...and the sentiment is just what I need, I'm not an highly confident person...So It will remind me to leap into new situations with much more confidence!
and this is what I made for Leslie for our swap....
created by Jan (me)
You can never have enough LOVE!
Lots of lovely lace, ribbon,buttons and a shabby ribbon flower.
Funny, how we both used hearts on our flags!!
THANK YOU again Leslie for an awesome trade.
...and my lovely swapping friend Tina in Texas (No Blog) and I decided to do a little Prayer flag trading also.
I love swapping with Tina...Her swaps never dissapoint!!
This is what I sent to her...
Created by Jan (me)
We, decided to both use the sentiment 'Believe'
...again lots of lovely lace, fabric birds image, buttons, ribbons , pin and a ribbon rose.
And this is the stunner that Tina sent to me....
Created by Tina
made with a beautiful printed fabric, and embellished with birds and flowers (another coincidence that our flags both contained these two things!!) I just adore the teal colouring and netted trim.
THANK YOU AGAIN Tina for a Fabulous swap!!

...and last but not least 
I can show this now that I Know that Joanna (Fiddlesnips) has received it, Jo and I were hoping to meet up for a crafty chat and coffee before Christmas, but before we knew it, Sadly,  December had flown by!!

Created by Jan (me)

This is what I sent to Jo...
I will share Jo's wonderful flag with you when it arrives...Cant wait!!!
I've got a fantastic collection of fabric arty flags from my blog friends from all over the world now...will take a pic of all of them hanging together to show you another day...
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x


  1. How wonderful dear Jan, with all the swapped flags, from so many friends- they are all so beautiful,yours and theirs, and it must be fantastic to have them all hanges on line !
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  2. These flags are amazing! I do hope we get a photo of them all fluttering in the breeze (when the rain stops!) have you got enough now I wonder? Happy new year hon. Hugs xx

  3. Gorgeous and Beautiful Jan... I can only imagine how stunning your collection looks now... fabulous swaps...

    Jenny ♥

  4. oh I just love prayer flags jan and the ones you created and received are just stunning.... so nice to them hanging and be admired too...

  5. Gorgeous flags! love all the embellishments, totally fab! Mx

  6. How beautiful these must all look together ... wonderful swap!


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