Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dragonfly Wings......Try something new....

I love trying new things.
It's most probably because I have such a short attention span for any one thing in particular?!
...and I've always been a little fascinated with dragonflies...
How they fly, dart and hover
..... their beautiful colourful bodies
and fragile wings.
We have some ginormous blue ones that visit our garden! 

So when I found out that my local craft shop  Craft Candy
Had a class to make a wire and beaded dragonfly
I was eager to have a go at making one.
The class was taught by the Wire Witch...the lovely Jo.
...we could choose our choice of bead and wire colour.. So I went for the rose quartz ones...(my fave stone!) and dusky pink and silver wires.
Well...I had a great Sunday afternoon....with other creative ladies...chatting, drinking (tea & coffee LOL) Oh ...and creating our dragonfly brooches!...
So here's my first attempt at a dragonfly made from wire and  beads

Now wings are a little rustic
(well, it is my first one! lol)
but...I was so pleased with my first attempt...and sooooooo delighted that the end result actually resembled a dragonfly!
So have you tried anything new lately?
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x
When the heat of the summer
     Made drowsy the land,
A dragon-fly came
     And sat on my hand.
With its blue jointed body,
     And wings like spun glass,
It lit on my fingers
     As though they were grass.
'Eleanor Farjeon'


  1. ooohhh you've been to some great classes lately - I love your bug! J

  2. Oh beautiful dragonfly Jan, will it soon be joined by different coloured variations?
    My girls have a book about how to make beaded critters. Perhaps it's time to dig it out and see what I can create for my pages!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! My new try....made a couple of "MOOs" not so different to tags & ATCs but smaller & it's almost instant gratification :-)


  4. Really pretty and love the odour choice. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. How wonderful it is, Jan- I love them,too- and you made a beautiful example here !!
    Also love your doll- what a sweet little one she is , love her hair :-)

  6. I think your dragonfly is gorgeous and the wings are oh so lovely too!
    Sounds like a really fun time in the making as well...

  7. I love dragonflies and have about six brooches! This one is fabulous, you would never think it was your first attempt, what a great class to go to! Well done Jan! X

  8. It's really gorgeous, I love butterflies and dragonflies as well!

  9. Your dragonfly is so beautiful Jan - & there's nothing wrong with a little bit of rustic - adds to it's charm. I've seen Jo demonstrate on the Jewellery Maker TV channel, she has some lovely original ideas, how wonderful to attend her class xx


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