Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer of Colour 3 - week 4 - Pretty in Pink

Summer of Colour 3- Week 4
Charcoal Grey & Pale Pink
are this weeks colours!
These have to be my favourite colour combo so far ;)
 ...and I'm still stitching!!!
(If you've not seen my last three SOC posts...
 I'm using this fab colour challenge
to teach myself to embroider...)
...using the 'Little Stitches ' book by Aneela Hoey 
This is my contribution  for 
Charcoal grey and Pale Pink
I've embroidered my pretty in pink gal
onto a vintage linen coaster
using charcoal grey and pink cottons.....
crochet butterfly
and lacy wings
  ...then I added an assortment of charcoal grey and pale pink buttons.
 Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with these lovely colours and next weeks Colour prompt..
...if you would like to join in the fun
hop over to
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x


  1. Very cute conversion!


  2. How beautiful dear Jan, I love how the stitches makes the dress on your sweet gal-So lovely !!

  3. Beautiful work again for SOC, hugs Annette x

  4. Yes, I've seen every one of your lovely stitched pieces and this one is no exception. What a fabulous job and I suspect you are building up a nice supply of various colors of embroidery floss, too.

    All this lace filled work leads me to believe there is a finished piece in the offing, too.

    1. Thank you.....Luckily...I used to dabble in cross-stitch years ago....so am going through my old floss stash...and I do have a little something in mind combining all my weeks pieces ;)

  5. This just kills me, it is SO precious!

  6. Great embroidery. Love your other "Shabby Creations too.

  7. another great piece - I think she looks like a fun lady all dressed up for a formal event

  8. What a sweet piece, I just love it!

  9. This is a lovely piece and very pretty.

  10. Oh WOWW!!. She is a beauty!!. All your embroidery work are so very sweet, I enjoyed coming here every week :). Wonderful detail.

  11. Oh she's delightful - the colours work beautifully on her and I am very impressed with your beautiful and neat embroidery stitches. Gorgeous work.

  12. by the end of this challenge you will be so proficient... mind you to me it already looks pretty darn expert... love what you are doing... happy week 4

  13. Oh Jan she is adorable... love those colors... your embroidery is gorgeous.... especially on the doily...

    Jenny ♥

  14. Wonderful stitchery- I love all of the elements!

  15. How cute she is, LOVE LOVE this!! I have to say this was the first week that the colors made me wish I could do some knitting, embroidery or quilting. The colors just seemed warm and cuddly to me. Great job on this again. Love seeing what you make each week, glad you enjoyed this weeks colors.

  16. Oh Jan! I absolutely LOVE what you did with this week's colors! Your embroidered girl is just adorable! I always look forward to seeing your entries each week!!!!!

  17. WOW!! This is so fantastically stunning. I can't even tell you how much I love it. Hard to believe you are only just starting. Great image for the colours this week. :)

  18. Hello my sweet friend. I LOVE this. You make me want to do a little bit of stitching myself.

    Happy Monday..


  19. So pretty! I love the vintage style with a modern quirkiness

  20. Adore your pink and grey piece and are you really off to see TH too at the end of August (I'm a PM attendee which one are you?) BJ


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