Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer of Colour 3 - Week 5 - Sepia Squirrel

It's been another scorcher of a day here!!
So what better to do, than sit in front of the fan an do a bit of stitching!
OMG, we are on week 6 already!
 I'm so sad to see this colour challenge come to an end
This has been such a fun challenge to be part off.
Sage & Sepia
are this weeks colours!
Now I love this colour combo usually...just my type of vintage colouring!
But.... I was not quite sure about this combination for my stitching. 
I contemplated what to do for this one.  Sorting through my find something I would associate with sepia ...and in the end I'm still not sure I got it right.  But I made another addition to my embroidery attempts.
(If you've not seen my last five SOC posts...
 I'm using this fab colour challenge
to teach myself to embroider...)
...using the 'Little Stitches ' book by Aneela Hoey 

 ...I've had so much fun learning to stitch with Kristin's colour prompts.
Anyway this is my contribution  for
Sage and Sepia

I've embroidered Sammy the squirrel
onto some vintage linen 
using sage and sepia coloured cottons.....
in a variety of stitches (couching stitch, back stitch, French knots and straight stitch)
  ...then I added an assortment of sepia  and sage (although my button looks rather blue in this pic!) buttons.
 Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with these fab colours and next week when everyone show of the SOC works.
...if you would like to see some wonderful colourful inspiration!
....hop over to
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x


  1. I love what you did with this weeks colors. Such a cute little squirrel. It's funny how some colors sometimes just won't come out right in a photograph. I bump into that same problem every once in a while.

  2. He's darling - I love this as I've loved all of them. I really like the contrast of the thread colors on the stitching of him.

  3. I totally love what you did. that squirrel is adorable. I can't believe it has been six weeks and that it will be coming to an end again. It went so fast.

  4. Gorgeous - I love anything to do with squirrels, acorns and autumn! This is so cute - you definitely got it just right!

  5. The photo on Facebook did not do this beautiful piece of work justice and am so glad I have seen it here. Happy SOC, Annette x

  6. What a cute, busy squirrel!. Beautiful stitching yet again :).

  7. How cute he is, love this!! Great job on all the details and his little acorn. I have enjoyed seeing your creations each week, each one just gets cuter. Hope you will continue making more even though class is over!!

  8. Personally, I think you did a fantastic job matching colors. I can't wait to see all these beauties together.

  9. This is a precious piece, I love the addition of the sweet little buttons!

  10. Oh Jan! This is so wonderful! I just love what you did with this week's colors. Like I have said before, I have looked forward to seeing your creations for each week at SOC! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us!!!!!

  11. Oooh I LOVE your embroidery Jan... your little squirrel is so cute... and the pretty buttons make it even more delicious... had to laugh... as you sit by your fan, I sit by my heater... freezing down here...

    Jenny ♥

  12. It has been such a joy to see what you do each week. You have really inspired me and this week is no exception. :)

  13. That little fella is adorable, and perfect for this week's colour combo :)

    It was such a great idea to teach yourself these stitches during the SOC challenge.



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