Monday, 9 September 2013

My little Treasure Trip.....

Last week I was whisked off on a little treasure trip by my lovely hubby...
....across the Channel to
Lille in France
to visit
 The Braderie de Lille 
(Europe's biggest Flea market)

The pavements throughout Lille, were lined with people selling antiques, ornaments, furniture, books, records, and old junk of every description!

The Braderie de Lille is Europe’s largest flea market, For one weekend every September, Lille is closed to traffic completely as vendors of all trades and types line the streets with stalls.

..between one and two million visitors stroll up and down the ancient city streets during the two day event in search of a bargain or two.
I found that there were a lot more modern stalls selling  mass-produced items, than I expected (which I wasn't interested in)
...but we found by exploring the smaller back roads and staying off the main boulevards, that's where found all the flea market finds :)

vintage strollers
Old Printers trays were everywhere!

Rust and Ruin
 ...Oh, I wanted to fill my case with lots...
....but, sadly.... all the things I fell in love with... were either too big and heavy to haul all the way home on the Eurostar ....or out of my price range.
We walked and browsed and walked and browsed more....
for hours!!!!!
....and I don't think we managed to see the whole of the market!
Most of the antique furniture and other larger pieces were at the Façade de l'Esplanade, where you can hunt out junk while taking a stroll along Lille's ancient canal.
I loved these trio of prams!
The tradition of enjoying a dish of Moules & Frites
(Mussels and chips)
was in fall swing!
Lots of vintage Typewriters, cameras and suitcases...
and last but not are the little treasures that made there way back home with me....

We had a awesome time

I was in my element amongst all that lovely Junk!
They do say that another's mans Junk is another mans treasure!!

Thanks for Peeking
Jan x


  1. your trip looks AMAING!! what awesome goodies to have scored!!

  2. What a great trip, sound like you had a lot of fun =)
    xx Monique

  3. Oh Jan, such amazing and beautiful cards you found,-and the little tins and the lace--all so beautiful, dear.
    It must have been a fantastic tour for you...I would have loved to see such a gigant market...and all those people running up and down... surely a wonderful experience for you !!

  4. Amazing!
    Those printers trays aren't a patch on your's!!

  5. ooo such fun to see your photos of what had to be a fabulous time!
    Tempting to want to fill up an old pram with some of those miles and miles of amazing temptations...
    you did good selecting some special treasures!

    Mr Magpie had Mussels and fries the other evening at a little French restaurant and I couldn't help myself and brought home a handful of shells (oh yes I did LOL) ;)


  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Lille is my worst nightmare when it comes to driving tho' - twice a year we have to navigate our way around the place to reach our ferry at Zeebrugge and I always say god bless the Garmin GPS!


  7. Looks amazing. I would have been in my element there too. hugs Mrs A.

  8. oh jan, what a lovely experience. all those lovely sights to bought some lovely finds

  9. Oh Jan what a fabulous trip! Thank you so much for sharing your terrific photo's, I'm glad you had such a wonderful day. I would have wanted to bring home all those goodies too, but I love what you did bring back! X

  10. Now that looks like my kinda flea market. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us..


  11. Timmy eat your heart out - LOL
    So what DID you bring home or did I miss that bit? BJ

  12. Hello Jan sorry to be a little late responding. What a wonderful trip oh how I would have loved to browse among those treasures!!!
    PS Thank you fr becoming a follower on my blog and I am going to return the favour. Anne x (UKPC)

  13. Me TOO Very late posting life has just taken me over...sooo busy at work & also been on my hols...Love the items that made the trip home with you...the photos are beautiful... would love a day surrounded with all that wonderful junk/treasures.... Hugs May x x x


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