Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stitched with love.....

Oh WOW...what a busy and amazing week I've had...
.....first of all Thank you for the get well wishes for my back aches and pains,
I'm still suffering with the sciatica, but the pain is a lot milder now..
so hopefully I'm finally on the mend?!
.....Although...I've not really had much chance to rest up, with my little trip up to Coventry to take an inky class with the master himself...Tim Holtz (more about that in my next post)
...and then another little treasure trip across the Channel to Lille in France to visit The Braderie de Lille which is  Europe’s largest flea market..( more about that later too)
So I'm a little behind on everything...including the blogging!
So I thought I would start with a
Family Challenge....

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I've been having some scrappy challenges with My Cousin Kerry and Auntie Joan.
So for our latest challenge, we all used the same double sided papers again....
No extra ingredients or recipe this time,
So we all could do our own thing....

Here is what Kerry did with the papers. Working with the colours in her top photo of her sweet little kitties.
Kerry's Layout
 Lots of lovely layers, some fabby punched shapes, stamping and sequins.
...and now for Aunty Joan's layouts, she was really on a roll and created not one but two pages for our challenge...
Joan's Layout
Two beautiful summery pages of the grandchildren playing.
Loving the little cluster of punched shapes
and all those lovely buttons!! ;)

Joan's Layout
and finally here's my page...
My Layout
I've scrapped a page using a pic of one of my altered dresses, using the sewing pages mainly...
with added lace, buttons, tags, paint and wooden embellies.
I really enjoy doing these little family challenges, it's always fun looking forward to seeing what Kerry and Joan have done with the same paper ingredients.
If you want to see some more lovely scrapbooking layouts....I'm sure my cousin Kerry would love you to visit her blog Scrapbooking for the love of paper
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling well enough to travel and have some fun dear Jan...
    back pain can really be the pits and take all the fun out of life that's for sure...
    Happy September!

  2. Hello dear Jan,
    Oh how I envy you your workshop with Tim- you lucky one :-) How fun that you still make your little challenges all together, you all made wonderful collages. I love the beautiful dress in yours, and all the sewing notions around it!
    Can`t wait to see from the workshop and the flea market !!!

  3. im glad you got spend some time with tim and do some travelling....Bowen therapy is great for sciatia which I know is no fun so im glad you are getting better...love all your layouts, such an arty family :)

  4. Great challenge results as always and after a little thought I have come up with Tic Tac Toe, or a sketch which would you prefer? I can design either or if you want we could all design a sketch and that will provide 3 challenges!! (That's my favourite)


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