Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What an AMAZING week.......

......I've had !
Last Thursday ,
I travelled all the way to The Midlands to visit Coventry
where the master himself
Tim Holtz
was hosting his UK event...
 I came to the class all on my own like 'Billy no mates!'
Slightly nervous, excited....
....but within minutes I was caught up in the buzz of all the other like-minded friendly crafters.
.....who were equally as excited as me to take one of Tim's creative classes.
  This is the lovely sight of creative goodies that greeted us when we found a seat! 
Our ingredients to make a inky distressed
vintage style tag booklet.
Whooooooo....Lovely stencils, stamps, stickers, tags, paints, distress inks, markers and pads etc....
...and this is the results of a hours of inking, stencilling, stamping, distressing to our hearts content!
... Tim's class was amazing from start to finish.
He's a natural, friendly and personable teacher.

1. My view of Tim's teaching from my table.
2.Talented Tim and I.
3. I got to meet the lovely Dyan Reavely.
4. and a hug from the charming Mario.
Evidence of a wonderful inky morning!!
...and if that was not enough..
Tim gave us all pressies..
I'm still smiling from this lovely event
So another huge thank you to Tim and Mario & Co
for coming to visit us in the UK
....and for sharing his famous charm and crafting knowledge.
..and to Personal Impressions (the event organiser) for making it all possible.
It was a wonderful workshop
...and well worth the re-dialling of that phone all morning long to get a much in demand ticket and the 7 hour round car trip! 
...and if that wasn't exciting enough, a days rest...then I was whisked off  on a little treasure trip across the Channel to
Lille in France to visit
 The Braderie de Lille 
(Europe's biggest Flea market)
...but I'll leave that to another post!!
Thanks for Peeking
Jan x


  1. You lucky lucky girl! I can sense your excitement in all your posts here and on Facebook - glad you had such a wonderful time!

  2. WOW Jan... how wonderfully exciting... love your photos... and your beautiful scrumptious tag... can only imagine how fabulous a class with Tim would be... and then to top it off with a treasure trip.... can't wait to hear about that...

    Jenny ♥

  3. So exciting.
    The tag book looks great and I'm looking forward to hearing about the market!

  4. WOW Jan, I'm so glad you got a ticket I tired for hours boo-hoo...It looks a wonderful fun class & amazing makes & goodies....Can't wait for the post on the French have been busy!! Hugs May x x x

    I seem to keep losing you on bloglovin??? not sure why will try again...I normally follow bloggers by email but I cant seem to find your button to follow by whenever you post it sends a email to your followers as I keep missing your fabulous posts...May x x x x

  5. A gorgeous tag,Jan- and wonderful compagny I`m sure,- how amazing your result is, and all the wonderful pieces you were given to create with!!
    It must have been a very happy day !
    Hugs Dorthe

  6. Wow, looks like you had so much fun and that flea market looks briliant. Love those strollers.
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.
    xx Monique #60

  7. ooo you HAVE been having fun Jan!
    That Tim sure does get around
    so do you!
    I Love how he supplies everything you need for his classes (at least he does here in the states)...he is so talented and wonderful just as you said!
    That Flea Market looks pretty wonderful too!

  8. oh got so excited there
    also wanted to say
    how lucky you are to just be able to pop off and end up in FRANCE
    ♥ it!!!

  9. Oh Jan how wonderful, you made such a lovely book too! I'm very envious but so glad you had a great time. A flea market too! Can't wait to hear what you found. Love and hugs barb x

  10. Really loving seeing other people's view of the day it was brilliant wasn't it. Had to laugh when you blogged "Billy no mates" as
    1) BJ stands for Billy-Jane
    2) I went alone too (however one lady noticed last week and agreed to meet up and consequently I made 5 new friends there)

  11. oh wow jan, you like the cat that got the cream !!!!!wonderful class and the treasure market would have been so much fun you got some bargains....

  12. I am so Jealous right now. I would love to attend one of Tims classes. And Your tag creations look amazing.. Can't wait to see what you bought at the Flea MARKET. I am thinking something with vintage lace...


  13. How fun Jan! You made some really cool art!


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