Friday, 6 September 2013

Z is for Zany

Letter Z this weeks letter chosen for the Alpha challenge
over at
The Craft Barn
This was one of the letters I was dreading...
I've Ummed and Arrrred
what to do....
When I was rooting around in my crafty junk box...
I came across this little fella...
which led me to choose the word
from my French Dictionary
I've used another one of my smallest cubbies (only 2 . 5 cm by 4 . 5 cm!!)  in my Printers tray
I backed it with a snippet of my dictionary book cover
along with the dictionary definition
vintage clown cake topper
..and I've added a crochet flower for his neck piece.
Off to take a peek now
 to see what everyone else is doing with the  letter 'z'.
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x



  1. Super cubbie. I pondered Zany as I found a reference to Zany Dress Day but I think it was only a school thing. BJ

  2. I had to google Zany so I could see why you chose the clown, I understand now, your printer tray must be pretty awesome by now, I need to go look back and find more!

    Cazzy x

  3. He's fab, where did you find him?
    I also love the tiny tear in the background - it's all in the details :)
    Laura x

  4. you have done 'Z' well Jan ...looking good :)

  5. What a great choice of word. Not sure if he's zany or scarey!! Your tray must be looking fabulous by now...can't wait ill the end to see it.

  6. He's perfect in that little cubbie!

  7. He was a lucky find! Great fun cubbie and so tiny too! MMx

  8. Clever word Jan, I was wondering what you would pick! He looks just the part with his little crochet ruffle. Love barb x

  9. Zany and Fabulous! Ok- and a little bit creepy!

  10. Lovely idea, really like you little clown, and yes, he ís a little bit creepy, but no more than the handsome fellow on my page LOL! Hugs Frea

  11. Zany is perfect for the letter Z.. I probably would have picked the so popular Zebra.. I like the way you think my friend.


  12. SO cute! And such a great idea. Love your creativity!! xoxo

  13. I was hoping the Craft Barn dictionary wouldn't go as far as Z.... lol! Love how you've used the word though.

  14. Zany and scary great word choice


  15. Very cool, but he does make me understand, why americans always have clowns being scary things at the back of the closet! Did you chop off his body? better watch out - he come to get you!lol.

  16. A fabulous take on this letter and another wonderful filled cubby.

  17. Another fabulously filled cubby.

  18. Haha, I'm French and I did not even know this word.
    Great choice.
    Thanks for playing


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