Thursday, 28 November 2013

Still here.....Been busy crafting!....

Been a bad blogger this month,
....lots of celebrations throughout November
....but still managed to fit in some crafty time along the way.
I'm really enjoying my latest hobby of...
knitting premature baby bonnets for charity
and some Christmas Stockings
...and some smaller ones for the tree.
...and was shocked when my knitted Nigel the Gnome
bagged me £50 of Hobbycraft Vouchers
by winning Star Letter
this months
 Knitting and Crochet
(Can't wait to have a crafty spend-up!!)
I've seen some lovely rag wreaths on pinterest, and often thought of making one, but just never got around to it, but I was inspired by Susan at our knit group, who made a lovely one to display her knitted goodies, and showed us how easy it was to make a rag wreath.
So I decided to make one in my shabby style...
with some off cuts of cream curtain lining
then I decorated it with buttons, cotton reels, paper flowers, frozen charlotte doll, handmade padded fabric heart and a hessian bow.
.....then added some battery operated lights to give it some extra sparkle at night.
Now, must finish my Christmas cards....and not long to go before the rest of the festive decs go up!!....can't wait LOL!
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x


  1. Wow, that must have been a lovely surprise that your little gnome won you a fab voucher- what a great time to spend it too with the shops filled with lovely extra Christmas goodies!

  2. Well done you for winning some "magic money" never goes amiss does it! And I love those stockings, really gorgeous- but the wreath...well it looks fab in daylight but the fact that you've added lights....:-D brilliant!


  3. Wow, Jan. I've missed so much of your beautiful work! You are so amazing talented - your knitted stockings are absolutely fabulous!! Congrats on winning the vouchers - your little gnome man is adorable so I'm not surprised you won :) As for your shabby wreath - double wowzers!!

    You must put items in your shop I know it'll be fab and popular. Let me know the name when you're ready and I'll like, or favourite it, or admire it - or whatever they call it! I'm not at all optimistic about my paper dolls selling, but I'd made so many of them I thought I may as well give it a try and nothing to lose apart from the small fees.

    Nice to catch up with you again xx

  4. Congrats on your little gnome winning you such a lovely prize! The wreath looks fantastic, I love the heart and that sweet image you picked for it.

  5. Can you see me smiling.. Because your post has me smiling.. I LOVE your knitting projects they look awesome.. And I LOVE your wreath. So many wonderful projects my friend.


  6. You have been busy Jan....I adore your wreath... and little Nigel is fabulous...Love all your knitting the stockings are Brilliant....Congrats on your win have fun at Hobbycraft..... Hugs May x x x

  7. Wow I am in awe of your knitting skills Jan! I haven't done any knitting for about twenty years and I wasn't very good then! Your wreath is amazing, I am tempted to have a go at making one this year now. Congrats on the prize, wonderful amount of crafty goodness can be had with £50! xx

  8. Don't know where to start first! You are so talented Jan, no wonder your little feller won you star prize, congratulations! Love the little socks and cable work on the big ones. As for the wreath, AWESOME, lovely work you are really getting in the Christmas spirit! X

  9. Jan, your wreath is wonderful, so adorable with the little light blue ,
    and all your knitting looks so beautiful ,love the tiny stockings... and congratulations on winning with your little fun fellow, my dear.

  10. Oooooh!!!! You had me at draw-dropping, gorgeous and adorable wreath!! What I wouldn't give for that! Your home will be a feast for the eyes :) xoxo


  11. Dear Jan, don`t worry! I'm a bad blogger too. There are just sometimes more important things to do than the Internet.
    Your creations and handicrafts are so beautiful. Especially I like the magical wreath.
    I wish you a beautiful Christmas season.


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