Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Shabby Colour Challenge...

Over at
Let's get Shabby
for Challenge #46
..... it's a
Colour Challenge....
You have to incorporate all of these 5 beautiful colours
into your shabby project.
So for my DT piece this month I made a shabby friendship card.
 Now hop over to
..for the full deets
There is a fabby shabby prize up for grabs this month
...and see what other fabulous inspiration the talented shabby girls have created for this challenge... 
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dragonfly Wings......Try something new....

I love trying new things.
It's most probably because I have such a short attention span for any one thing in particular?!
...and I've always been a little fascinated with dragonflies...
How they fly, dart and hover
..... their beautiful colourful bodies
and fragile wings.
We have some ginormous blue ones that visit our garden! 

So when I found out that my local craft shop  Craft Candy
Had a class to make a wire and beaded dragonfly
I was eager to have a go at making one.
The class was taught by the Wire Witch...the lovely Jo.
...we could choose our choice of bead and wire colour.. So I went for the rose quartz ones...(my fave stone!) and dusky pink and silver wires.
Well...I had a great Sunday afternoon....with other creative ladies...chatting, drinking (tea & coffee LOL) Oh ...and creating our dragonfly brooches!...
So here's my first attempt at a dragonfly made from wire and  beads

Now wings are a little rustic
(well, it is my first one! lol)
but...I was so pleased with my first attempt...and sooooooo delighted that the end result actually resembled a dragonfly!
So have you tried anything new lately?
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x
When the heat of the summer
     Made drowsy the land,
A dragon-fly came
     And sat on my hand.
With its blue jointed body,
     And wings like spun glass,
It lit on my fingers
     As though they were grass.
'Eleanor Farjeon'

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Crafty Family Time.......

Crafty Cousins Challenge
I recently challenged my creative cousin Kerry
to a scrap challenge....Kerry is a keen scrap booker...and where I only dabble in a bit of scrapbooking every now and then...I thought it would inspire me to create a page or two!
We both had to scrap a similar photo
(The photo is of most of our cousins taken at Kerry's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary party last month)
This is Kerry's page....
 Now, Kerry and I have different I was interested to see the outcome of our little challenge...
I just love how she doodles, all the wonderful details and Kerry does a wonderful job at putting colour combos together.
....there was a little coincidence of the bunting banner action going on at the bottom of our pages....which was a little spooky LOL!
Here is my page...
I used 2 slightly different photos of us all...
 ...fabric frames, bunting, stitching, buttons, lace, bakers twine and embellies all shabbied up with some distressing.
To see more of Kerry's beautiful page...hop over and visit her lovely blog HERE. It was a fun family challenge...and we are hoping to do more ...and Kerry's mum (my aunty Joan!) will hopefully be joining in with us on our next challenge.
Thanks for peeking
Jan x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

K for Keys

Letter K... this weeks Alpha challenge
over at
I chose the word
from my dictionary
I completed another one of my long slim cubbies this week.
 I lined the back with crunched up red paper, (part of a dividing page out of one of my dictionaries).
...added some vintage keys, chain, distressed mini tag with key stamped onto it.
Then finally added a 'K' type key embellie.... along with my Dictionary word and definition.
Off to take a peek now to see what everyone else is doing with the  letter 'K'.
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x

Friday, 10 May 2013

Learning to blossom.....

These are my first attempt at stumpwork flowers...
made from organza, wire and embroidery cottons
for the middles I've added my favourite craft item...buttons (no surprise there!)
...but you can also add other things like beads, embroidery etc...
I discovered how to make these little cuties at a recent class held at my local craft shop  Craft Candy
....which was taught by the lovely Susan
(I'm on a mission to learn more embroidery techniques to add to my little altered dresses)
Well...I had a great afternoon....with like minded ladies
we were all concentrating so hard on our stitches at one point ...that you could hear a pin drop!
As soon as I got home... I finished off the pink one...then created the little yellow flower.
I'm keen to make some more now.
Perhaps some vintage looking cream ones?!.....
Off to tea-dye some organza!!
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x

'Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul'

Liberate your Art - postcard swap 2013

One of the projects I've recently taken part in....
is Kat's
postcard swap.

 The swap involves sending 5 postcards with prints of your art work to Kat , then Kat sorts through the bundles of postcards that she receives and posts 5 random postcards back to you together with one of her own lovely art cards. 
1290 pieces of art
216 artists
11 countries

Kat (and her swap helpers) did an awesome job!
This is the second time I have liberated my artwork into the world through Kat's postcard swaps....
 I decided to get some postcard prints made of some of my altered  vintage baby these are what I sent off to Kat...
I know that one of my cards landed in  Seattle, Washington....just wondering where the others ended up???
Did you get one?!!  ;)
and these are the beauties I received in return....

titled..'A little flakey' (just like me ;)
Granny Sharon - facebook

Christine (no blog details)

Rinda -

Cathy Sly -
Laura Lok -

Kat Sloma -
It was fabulous swap!
Fun waiting for postcards to drop through the letterbox :)
Thanks so much to Kat for the incredible job you did in organizing this exchange.
...and to all the lovely participants and Kat's helpers, it's been fun following and seeing all the wonderful variety of postcards being posted on FACEBOOK.
I'm  glad I participated, and looking forward to taking part again next year.

Thanks for peeking!
Jan x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A is for Arty Angel....

Letter A
is this weeks Alpha challenge
over at
I chose the word
from my dictionary
I completed another one of my large cubbies this week.
 I lined the back with crunched up red paper, which is actually a dividing page out of one of my dictionaries.
Then I framed it with some lace
...added a fractured doll and gave her some wings. To add a little interest I've stuck some tissue tape to the doll and her wings.
Then gave her a little red heart necklace , made from a heart charm and bakers twine.
Then finally added a mini scrabble 'A' .... along with my Dictionary word and definition.
Off to take a peek now to see what everyone else is doing with the first letter of the alphabet.
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x
Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
- Author Unknown -