Wednesday, 18 December 2013

X is for Xenops and I is for Infancy.....

I've made it...
I finished the Alpha Challenge
Over at
 We are finally at the last two letters for the Alpha/Dictionary challenge!
X and I
 I had one small and one large compartment left to alter...
and for my last 2 cubbies in my Printers Tray
Letter X
I went for the word

xen-ops n.
1.   a genus in the bird family Furnariidae, the ovenbirds. They are found in Mexico, Central America and South America and tropical rain forest

So using one of the smaller cubbies in my Printer Tray this week....I filled it with a teeny tiny nest and my little Xenops birdy (which I painted to try and resemble this particular bird!) and then adding to part of a previous challenge, (which was next to my cubby) I added my dictionary definition to complete my X challenge.
Letter I
I went with the word
in·fan·cy n. pl. in·fan·cies
1. The earliest period of childhood, especially before the ability to walk has been acquired.
2. The state of being an infant.
..and for my Last Large cubby, I created an infant from a clay cab face, which I painted with my PaperArtsy fresco paints,

wrapped and filled some scrim with toy filling, added the clay face, and attached a red shell heart button. 
Finally backing the cubby with some of my dictionary book cover and added my dictionary definition.
....and Izzy has asked us to share a picture of our finished dictionary (or other completed project)
So here it is....
and if you are interested in seeing any of my individual alpha challenges, you can see them easier by pressing Here
So there we go, a wonderful Alpha challenge has come to the end. It has been great mojo motivator every fortnight...and I've had so much fun choosing words and altering my tray for this years challenge...
  Many thanks to the Craft Barn for the fabby inspiration and looking forward to the New  challenge which starts 12th January 2014.
Thanks for Peeking
Jan x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

S is for Sorcerer....

Letter S this fortnight's chosen letter for the Alpha challenge over at
 I'm still determined not to miss one week of the alpha dictionary challenge.... and with only a couple of hours to go before the new challenge letter is announced, I had to get a move on and create my 'S' cubby...

I went with the word

for this letter...So using one of the smaller cubbies in my Printer Tray this week....along with my dictionary definition, some old book paper....
I added a magicians top hat and a made a magic wand made from paper.

Sorry, if I have not been around to see your 'S' words yet, been a little poorly here with a bad back,.....but I will try and catch up very soon to see what everyone else is doing with their letter 'S'.
 Thanks for peeking!
Jan x

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.......

....everywhere you go!
First of all....
For the December Swap at A Swap for All Seasons the theme was Happy Holidays and the colour this month was green.
 For this trade I got to send to the lovely and talented May  ....
Be sure to pop by Mays's fab blog and take a look at all the lovely things that she creates....
This is what I made for May....
kraft card with vintage photo, tree die cut, lace, stitching, buttons, word card, snowflake charm and gold german scrap wings.
For the tag , I've used a real vintage mini cabinet card, german scrap, vintage trim, buttons, ribbon and a Tim Holtz metal word band.
...and my green destash for May
Now...I'm excitedly waiting for my swap from Marie which is coming from the USA, So will share what I get when it arrives :)
Looking forward to taking part in the January swap.
and I'm still having fun making rag wreaths...
I thought I would share another wreath I made for a friend...
decorated it with buttons, cotton reels, paper flowers, handmade padded fabric heart and a hessian bow.
...and some twinkly lights for that Christmas sparkle!!
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x