Saturday, 18 January 2014

Blogging will resume shortly....

It's been a little quiet here on the blogging front...
Having a mahoosive sort out of my crafty area...
to see if it will ignite my crafty mojo!!

Whoooo...what a MESS...
but hopefully when I dig myself out of all this!!
or even just clear the desk LOL!!
Crafting and blogging will resume shortly!!
Wish me luck...
See ya all soon!
Jan x


  1. I did much the same myself a few weeks ago - feels good - only now have to remember where everything is! Love your crafting area Jan, it looks so bright and airy. Will you show us the 'after' pics too? xx

  2. I thought you were in my room for a minute Jan... why o why do we let it get so bad that we need a day to sort it out or in my case a month (lol)... good luck would love to see after pics....Hugs May x x x

  3. Hi Jan, what a job, going through all this goodies.... I`m in the same job now--sorting through all my collections after having closed my real shop, that I had for 18 years!! Filled with fabrics ,materials and nature collections all over...I know exatly what you are going through :-)

  4. Hooray! Looking forward to reading all about it :)


  5. OMG Jan you do have a job and a half! I suppose that's a good thing about scrapping in the dining room I do have to be tidy (the only good thing!!). Just think of the lovely crafty stuff you will discover all over again!. xx

  6. I'm looking forward to more reading :-) I need something to entertain me with Bill away in hospital for 3 weeks or thereabouts! Gets a bit lonely at night with only the dog for company as he's a crap conversationalist :-(


  7. Well Jan, it's a darn site tidier than my room, I daresn't take a photo of my room, everyone would faint! Good luck and enjoy what you uncover, you have inspired me to give mine a go! Xx

  8. hehe it is marginally better than my messy room before I cleaned up.....I think you were brave to post ;)


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