Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spin a Yarn.......

First of all...Before I spin a yarn...
I would like to say a Massive Big Thank you for all the lovely Good Luck & Get Well comments, messages & emails for my recent surgery...So touching!
Well...everything went well...although I've had a couple of minor complications during the last two weeks of recovery...but hopefully back on track now!!... another couple of weeks of doing absolutely nothing, being treated like a Princess by all the men in my life (They are doing a super Job!!) could get quite used to it LOL!!
...But I have been SUPER BORED at home
not used to sitting on my bottom all day!
..and there is only so much rubbish day time TV you can watch! :(
So..it was nice to get out at the weekend to see some crafty pals for a touch of
At our little knit group...we've been busy knitting...squares for table cloths, triangles for bunting, assorted flowers, cups, plates, picnic food, bunting and plenty of pom poms!! 
Everything on the picnic table is knitted!! 
Flowers, sandwiches, and how cute are those cups, saucers and cutlery!!
Having a little picnic on our knitted table!! 

and the bushes got a little knitted makeover too!
 Poppy wreath
Our knitted efforts are on show at High House, Purfleet , Thurrock ...if you find yourself in the area and want to take a peek ;)
Sorry..I haven't done much blog-hopping lately...off for a big cuppa and catch-up right now to see what you all have been up to!!
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x


  1. Arrgghhh left a comment and it disappeared! Love it! Yarn bombing that is :-) x

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend Jan! All the photo's are fabulous, it's so nice to have a group to go to with like minded crafty ladies. xx

  3. I'm so glad to hear you are well on the road to recovery Jan and make sure those men continue to spoil you/look after you. Your yarn bombing looks fabulous and it's such a great way to brighten everything up. Huge round of applause for all of you. Jenny x

  4. What a fun friendship meeting dear Jan, wonderful knitted all, and looking so happy all.
    I understand you needed to get out from home a bit, and am happy to hear the surgery went all well for you --even with understanding men in the house, we need a little more from life :-)
    Hugs and smiles, Dorthe

  5. Welcome back Jan,you've been missed.
    Wow this all looks amazing,the colours are stunning and you look like such a happy little bunch :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  6. Some serious amounts of knitting been going on!!!


  7. Hi Jan, It's great to have you back...Glad to hear you are on the mend...I hope your boys continue to spoil you....What a fabulous selection of fantastic knitted goodies... Love those cups & bunting...Well done to all of you it's amazing work....Take care... Hugs May x x

  8. Glad your recovering, fabulous knitted goods, what can't you make out of wool? Fun and so colourful! Ruth x

  9. It is so good to see you back, hope your recovery continues, but don't let those men off the hook too soon! What a talented group of ladies, all the creations are wonderful, I especially love the wreath of poppies, it is stunning. Anne xx

  10. So glad to hear your surgery went well Jan and that you were being looked after so well.

    Love these photographs of all the group's knitted items - so colourful and clever :) xx


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