Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hello again....

.....Well it's been a's about time I dusted some of the cobwebs from my little unloved has been a little busy with its Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns...But...I've been missing all the Love, Challenges and Inspiration in Blogland...
So here are a few things I've been up too since I last posted in October....
In November ...My Aaron...Son #1... flew the nest and has gone to live and work in Australia (for 2 years!!) Miss him sooooo much....but he is having an amazing time making new friends and experiences (which makes it a little easier for me!!)
So...I knitted him a little pal 'Ozzy' to take with him on his travels....
...and here is Ozzy enjoying Melbourne living!!

...a little  too much if you ask me LOL!!!
Hopefully... we will get to to visit Aaron (..and Ozzy!!!) soon?!
I'm also joining in with Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art event again this year. It's fifth year!...(Liberate your Art 2015 postcard swap). The challenge is to take photographs of your art and have it printed as a postcard . You need to send 5 cards and you will receive 5 in return from other participants as well as one from Kat..
These are the cards I sent made with some of last years creations..
 ...can't wait to see what I get in return :)
 ...and at the end of last year.... I was so honoured and happy to be invited by the lovely Linda ( A swap for all Seasons) to join a year long adventure along with a small group of talented crafters to create and trade "Mini Fabric Samplers" each month from which a personal garland/banner may be made by many of the artists at the end of the year.
...and my first partner to send to was the lovely Linda herself... Now Linda is a talented artist, but she also works as a nurse ...and she adores My first sampler.. just had to include a vintage baby photo (printed on fabric)..vintage lace, buttons, ribbons, fabrics..
and I've embroidered a sweet pair of mary-jane shoes!

all wrapped up and sent to Linda in the USA 
  and this is the fabulous mini quiltie I received from
created by Elizabeth
Isn't it adorable..I just love the sweet image, fabric , doily etc and the little red heart button! Thank you again Elizabeth!
... for Februarys swap I get a sampler from Linda...and I have already seen a sneaky peek on her blog..and it's a beauty!! :)
...and I have Elizabeth to send to this time... So here  is a sneaky peek of mine all wrapped up!...It's already on its way to Texas!
 and my latest creative efforts...were some banksy inspired Valentine card/tag for my sweetheart!!! ;)
I'm working on a little something else at the moment for a new exciting upcoming challenge...but I will keep that a mystery for now....So watch this space....
Now..I best grab a cuppa...and see what has been going on in Blogland!! Sorry if I haven't visited for a while...will try and catch up with you all soon x
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x


  1. Hi Jan, so good to hear from you again, I don`t know if you will believe it, but I actually have thought about you, just today, on my round through blogland .
    Sending the kids off from home, is always with a sad heart , good he feels fine out there !
    Your creations are wonderful as ever, I love the sampler with the embroidered shoes , and the mini quilt you recieved is so lovely. Sweet packages, and cards for your husbond, and the beautiful roses for you.
    Sending you hugs.

  2. Hi Jan, good to see you back and wow you have been busy. I love seeing your work. Your knitting is fantastic and I adore the banner and your postcard swaps and the Banksy Valentine cards are gorgeous. Hugs. Tracy x

  3. hi Jan,
    Ozzy is sooooooo cute. I love his tufty ears. 2yrs will soon wizz past. Our two fled the nest years ago and we are only now getting round to redecorating and to use their rooms for ourselves (study/office for his nibbs and a work/craft room for me) and to stop referring to them by their names. Old habits die hard. Nice to see you in blogland again. hugs Mrs A.

  4. YAY,so glad to have you back in blogland have been missed! Looks like you've been busy though,I love that Koala,oh how I wish I could knit ;)
    Extra big welcome back hugs
    Donna xxx

  5. So lovely to see you back Jan! What a great post today too, so many wonderful things to oggle over. I love the Koala that went with your Son to Oz, I really do hope you can visit soon, it is a beautiful country. How lovely to be part of the sampler swap too, yours is so lovely and so is Elizabeth's creation too. Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Good to see you back here & also see what you've been up to! That koala is just sooo cute :-), I saw you'd rejoined the art swap, I need to check what I've got then maybe I'll join too.


  7. Loved catching up - I know about all the things you've joined (how do you have the time) - especially love the samplers....hugs

  8. So nice to see you my crafty friend. I had been absent for awhile as well. I do miss it a lot when I'm gone. Lots of wonderful things to drool over here on your post. Hope you have a happy week my friend and I look forward to your next post.

    Hugs, Linda
    My Happy Place

  9. Wow Jan, you're back with a bang! Beautiful makes already - love Ozzy, looks like he's enjoying himself too - lol. Your sampler is gorgeous, especially with the embroidered shoes. That sounds like a wonderful swap, wish I could have joined it too. Your Valentine makes are great too - that reminds me, I must use my stamps - not been out of their wrapper since I bought them last September!! Really lovely to see you back xxxx

  10. So happy to receive your email and learn that you will be sending to me in March. So exciting to receive a mini sampler from a far away place. P.S Just love the idea of sending a "friend" along with your son. something to remind him of home and family!


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