Friday, 17 April 2015

Liberate Your Art - Postcard Swap 2015

One of the projects I've recently taken part in....
is Kat Sloma's
postcard swap.

The swap involves sending 5 postcards with prints of your art work to Kat ......then Kat sorts through the bundles of postcards that she receives and posts 5 random postcards back to you together with one of her own lovely art cards. 
1290 pieces of art liberated
214 artists participating
12 countries represented

Kat (and her swap helpers) did an awesome job!
This is the fifth year of this fabulous swap.

 I decided to get some postcard prints made of some of my altered  artwork......fabric art, collages and dressform, these are what I sent off to Kat...


I know where a couple of my cards landed in the world....
there new homes are in Ohio and Georgia USA
....just wondering where the others ended up???
Did you get one?!!  ;)

and these are the beauties I received in return....
Postcard #1 is from
Mary Jane Henderson
(Brisbane, Australia)
A gorgeous painty collage - Love the colours!
Thank You Mary Jane!
Postcard #2 is from
Jana Johnson
 beautiful artwork - Sadly this card got a little scratched and battered en-route to the UK...but it still did not distract from it's Beauty!!
...and there were lovely quote on the reverse of this card.
Thank You Jana
Postcard #3 is from
Mary Clemons
..another wonderful collage...painting & monoprints - So clever!!
Thank You Mary!
Postcard #4 is from
Ellen D. Mika Brown
awesome torn paper collage with crayon rubbing - mesmerising!
It also came with one of my favourite quotes on the reverse of the postcard...
'Art is the only way to run away without leaving home' (Twyla Tharp)
Thank you Ellen!
Postcard #5 is from
stunning photography of birds on a wire!
Love the message too!
Thank You!

and finally
Postcard #6 is from
the lovely hostess herself
Kat Sloma
Gorgeous photography!!
all the way from Oregon USA
Thank You Kat!
....and some extra swaps 

'Your wings already exist' (Janice Darby)
'Pheasant' (Amy Irwen)
'Wonder' (Sherry Harmes)
'Amazing Shell' (Lisa Schwinghammer)
I've got a thing about 'wings'..even the amazing shell reminds me of a beautiful butterfly!! I absolutely adore these cards! 
Thank you again Janice, Amy, Sherry and Lisa for trading art with me :)
It was fabulous swap! always
Such Fun waiting for postcards to drop through the letterbox :)
Thanks so much to Kat for the incredible job you did in organizing this exchange.
...and to all the lovely Arty participants and Kat's helpers, it's been fun following and seeing all the wonderful variety of postcards being posted on FACEBOOK.
I'm  glad I participated, and looking forward to taking part hopefully again next year.

Thanks for peeking!
Jan x



  1. I love your creativity, Jan. You are so talented! Will you be ready to side-swap one of your postcards with mine? (Am in Brittany, France, just across the Channel)...Feel free to let me know, message me on my blog. Thank you so much!
    Have a great day.

  2. you did a lovely job describing everything Jan....hope mine arrives safe and sound to you soon...Jewels

  3. Lovely art both out-going & in-coming!


  4. Your photoes of your beautiful creations are wonderful, and makes great cards, dear Jan !
    And you also recieved very artistic cards from your swap-"sisters" -
    Have a lovely weekend !!
    Dorthe, xo

  5. Lovely to see such much eye candy in your fab array of art cards Jan!
    You sent out some really special ones and received some really super ones as well.
    This was my first year and I felt at a bit of a loss for words by the largeness of the whole operation. You described it so well.
    Happy beginning of the weekend to you

  6. What a fabulous swap Jan. I bet your own postcards looked even more amazing in real life than your photos show - I mean they look amazing anyway, but even more so irl - lol. Hope you get to find out where your others went xx

  7. Hi Jan, the cards you sent are wonderful and you received some good ones, too! I love this swap. I'm always amazed at the variety of cards each year. I do love mail call!

  8. You are so creative and your cards are so fun! Hope to get one of your's next year :)

  9. Wow what a wonderful idea and I'm annoyed I missed it! You have some gorgeous artwork there Jan and of course lucky ladies who received your artwork too ;)
    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  10. Your cards are so beautiful, it's lovely that they've been released into the world. You received real beauties too. I hope you hear where the rest of yours ended up, it's always nice to know.


  11. wow what an amazing swap. Your cards were great and I loved the variety that you received :)

  12. So happy to have participated in the Swap this year and so wonderful to see what you received. See you text time!

    Ps. I love your work!


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