Friday, 27 February 2015

Silk painting with Ali from Kinetika

I've had a fantastic week getting arty this week.. after a bit of a slow start to the mojo seems to be returning with a vengence!! ....I've been ploughing through lots of unfinished projects...mixed media, knitting , DT piece for a new Arty Challenge and some fabric mini quilties.
...and on Monday.... I had a fabulous painty, creative time...I was lucky enough to get the chance to participate in some silk painting. It all came about when Susan decided that it would be nice to have a banner for our little 'Needles and Chat' knitting group...
So it was arranged for us to be taught by the talented Ali Pretty (Ali founded the international design company 'Kinetika')

This Design company is amazing..Now based at the High House Production Park in Thurrock...Kinetika focuses on designing for large projects, carnival events and outdoor celebrations.

So...Last week, we designed the banner...all adding our own little individual drawings (mainly of items we have knitted during our time in the group). Well...I have knitted lots of toys since I learnt to knit properly ...teddies, koala and lots of bunnies!! One of my bunnies who belongs to Kay has even had a trip to New York!! So my little contribution just had to be a rabbit!!
Here we are all looking pleased with our efforts
Then this week...we got on with the fun waxy & painty part of the process.
We lay the silk over our combined artwork
and traced around the outlines ...painting it with hot wax..
This was quite scary at first...But..we did get the chance to practice the waxing and painting on our own little art pieces initially...
before we attempted the Group Banner
...and here is the 'Needles and chat' banner in its full glory
Everyone's arty input was wonderful
Here a couple of  close ups....
My contribution.... Ralph the Rabbit!!
Isn't Julia's vibrant multi-coloured vase fantastic
...and Kays gorgeous poppy & Daffodil
I really enjoyed my two evenings silk painting with Kinetika at High House. We got to take our own little practice pieces home with us... I may just have a go at embellishing it with some buttons, beads and embroidery and make a little piece of it!
Hope you all have had a creative week...would love to hear what artistic endeavours you have been up too!
Thanks for peeking!
Jan x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hello again....

.....Well it's been a's about time I dusted some of the cobwebs from my little unloved has been a little busy with its Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns...But...I've been missing all the Love, Challenges and Inspiration in Blogland...
So here are a few things I've been up too since I last posted in October....
In November ...My Aaron...Son #1... flew the nest and has gone to live and work in Australia (for 2 years!!) Miss him sooooo much....but he is having an amazing time making new friends and experiences (which makes it a little easier for me!!)
So...I knitted him a little pal 'Ozzy' to take with him on his travels....
...and here is Ozzy enjoying Melbourne living!!

...a little  too much if you ask me LOL!!!
Hopefully... we will get to to visit Aaron (..and Ozzy!!!) soon?!
I'm also joining in with Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art event again this year. It's fifth year!...(Liberate your Art 2015 postcard swap). The challenge is to take photographs of your art and have it printed as a postcard . You need to send 5 cards and you will receive 5 in return from other participants as well as one from Kat..
These are the cards I sent made with some of last years creations..
 ...can't wait to see what I get in return :)
 ...and at the end of last year.... I was so honoured and happy to be invited by the lovely Linda ( A swap for all Seasons) to join a year long adventure along with a small group of talented crafters to create and trade "Mini Fabric Samplers" each month from which a personal garland/banner may be made by many of the artists at the end of the year.
...and my first partner to send to was the lovely Linda herself... Now Linda is a talented artist, but she also works as a nurse ...and she adores My first sampler.. just had to include a vintage baby photo (printed on fabric)..vintage lace, buttons, ribbons, fabrics..
and I've embroidered a sweet pair of mary-jane shoes!

all wrapped up and sent to Linda in the USA 
  and this is the fabulous mini quiltie I received from
created by Elizabeth
Isn't it adorable..I just love the sweet image, fabric , doily etc and the little red heart button! Thank you again Elizabeth!
... for Februarys swap I get a sampler from Linda...and I have already seen a sneaky peek on her blog..and it's a beauty!! :)
...and I have Elizabeth to send to this time... So here  is a sneaky peek of mine all wrapped up!...It's already on its way to Texas!
 and my latest creative efforts...were some banksy inspired Valentine card/tag for my sweetheart!!! ;)
I'm working on a little something else at the moment for a new exciting upcoming challenge...but I will keep that a mystery for now....So watch this space....
Now..I best grab a cuppa...and see what has been going on in Blogland!! Sorry if I haven't visited for a while...will try and catch up with you all soon x
Thanks for Peeking!
Jan x