Altered Alpha Printers Tray

A is for Angel

B for Button

C for Create
D for dancer

E for Eat
F for Female

G for Game

H for Hoot
I for Infancy
J for Jam
K for Key
L for Locomotive

M for Mariner

N for Nib

O for Optical

P for Peg

Q for Queen

R for Rag

S for Sorcerer

T for Tale

U for Umbrella

V for Vacation

W for Watch

X for Xenops

Y for Yacht

Z for Zany

My Alpha Tray....


  1. Wonderful idea - so clever and I love all that you have done!

  2. Looking forward to the finished tray - it is wonderful so far. BJ

  3. Stunning!! I saw some printer trays in Margate the other week and was sorely tempted to buy one. The only thing that stopped me was that I have so many projects already on the go, but not I regret not buying one! But it is a good excuse to go back!


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